It’s Snowing!

The weather forecast promised it. My daughter prayed for it and now, it was finally here…SNOW!  I sat on the couch in my office savoring the last moments of my morning quiet time. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my youngest daughter would come in, speak excitedly about the snow and, you guessed it…ask me to play with her in it.

“I don’t really like the cold so I’m doing this for you,” I reminded her as I bundled up. There was about six inches of puffy, dry snow on the ground.  After a couple of cartwheels in the snow and jumps on the trampoline, we went back in and I suggested a walk.  My daughter agreed and recommended the playground. We hadn’t even reached the main road when she suggested that we go back home.

“Are you cold?” I asked, knowing the answer when a closer look told me that she wasn’t properly bundled up.

“Yes,” she answered, pulling me toward home.

As we walked back, I saw a few neighbor children playing in the snow. I thought about the hundreds of neighbors that remained in the comfort of their warm homes, enjoying the stay-at-home-and-go-nowhere-day.  Still others were already outside brushing the snow off their cars and shoveling the driveways. And, of course there were the complainers who were neither enjoying the snow or refusing to let it stop them.

This made me think about people in life regarding their relationships with Christ.  Many people are like those children, just thrilled to get out and experience something new and beautiful.  Unfortunately, without the guidance of their parents, many children would be ill-prepared to face the potential dangers of freezing precipitation. Even two of my middle-schooled aged daughters were preparing to go outside in…tennis shoes?  Don’t you think they would know better by now?  They needed the guidance and foresight of someone wiser to help them have a more pleasant experience.

When we embark upon a relationship with Christ, we really don’t have a clue what is ahead.  Without the guidance of pastors, the Bible, friends, and the Holy Spirit Himself, we are ill-prepared to take on the most important and life-altering journey of our lives.  We can’t do as my daughters did, wear tennis shoes and think that everything will be OK.  No, it requires a different type of mental and spiritual preparation to go at it and be successful.  Otherwise, we may find ourselves turning back to go “home” to the familiarity of life without Christ.

Despite the beauty and tranquility of a snowfall, there are many who simply do not like it.  It inconveniences them, makes them do extra work, and interrupts their plans.  Instead of taking some time to thank God for how He skillfully brought beauty to this aspect of weather, they spend precious words and energy complaining about it.  Neither admiring its beauty or tackling the challenge, they stay bound in the house, and miserable. Unfortunately, many neither admire the beauty of a genuine relationship with Christ, or take the leap to get involved to see what this life is all about.  It won’t always be convenient, but rest assured, it will profit  you the best rewards of peace, security, and joy this side of heaven.

If you haven’t surrendered your will to get in an authentic relationship with Christ, what’s holding you back? Those who woke up Saturday morning and got out the snow blowers and shovels received a far greater reward than those who chose to sit and complain.  They received the goal, the prize, of getting where they wanted to go.

Where do you want to go, not just after life, but during?  Do you want to go to Peaceful Highway? What about Forgiveness Street?  Security Lane seems wonderful and Companionship Road, Joy Boulevard and Guidance Terrace still have vacancies as well. Don’t complain about what is, what isn’t, or even what was, especially in someone else’s life.  Get out there and embrace your own relationship with God with all you have. Although it won’t always be easy, you can still rest and enjoy the beauty of His work in your life, as well as a cup of hot chocolate, any time you want.




Author: selenetess

I am a wife, homeschooling mother and life aficionado who loves to learn and have fun! I also have a REAL relationship with God and want others to do the same. Oh, by the way...I really like hanging out in the sun--A LOT!

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